About us

reneReCo Culture Management was founded in 2007 and has since then supported many organizations and individuals in the field of classical music. But we are also active in other parts of the cultural field.

ReCo Culture Management specializes in supporting individuals, groups and organizations in the cultural field in regard to long term planning, organizational structures and business plans. But also fundraising, PR and administrative support by ICT.

Are you looking for musicians and/or soloists? ReCo Culture Management is your partner!

With enthusiasm and out-of-the-box solutions, we are the perfect partner for everybody in this sector. Creativity and a pragmatic approach characterizes our way of working.

Founder of ReCo Culture Management is René Coolen.
He has a long career in the cultural field, both as a manager of several ensembles, as an organizer as well as a musician (singer). With 20 or more years of business experience as ICT manager at Philips and Atos Origin, he restructured organizations and executed many projects. He is therefore more than qualified to assist you with any issues you might have!

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